**This page is to show work besides animation. If you want to see my animation portfolio, check out my Demo Reel!**

Color Thief 
(And Color Thief: Coloring Book)
- Game Design
- Character Design
- Modeling & Texturing (Characters, Environments)
- Rigging & Animation
- UI
- Video Planning & Editing


Character Models:

Environment Concepts:

Environment Art:

UI Design:

Design Brainstorming:


Amelia vs. the Marathon
- Game Design (with Collaboration)
- Character Design
- Modeling & Texturing (Characters, Environments, Props)
- Rigging & Animation
- UI
- Video Planning, Lighting, Rendering & Editing


Character, Environment and Prop Models & Textures: 

Illustrated Cinematic Moments:

Game Jams

Indie Speed Run (unfinished):
Ludum Dare (Dec 2014)

Misc. Unfinished Games: